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What school district governs Côta Vera?

Chula Vista Elementary School District serves all elementary schools

This district is one of the largest in California with 49 schools, and more continuing to be built.


Sweetwater Union High School District serves the Middle and High Schools

This district serves 15 high schools and 13 middle schools in the Chula Vista area.


Targeted Schools:

The district always has the authority to change school boundaries at any time, but currently, our Elementary School students will attend Wolf Canyon Elementary, our Middle School students will attend Rancho Del Rey Middle School, and our High School students will attend Olympian High School. A future elementary school will be built in the second phase of Cota Vera (timing yet to be determined).


Wolf Canyon Elementary

With an 8/10 Great Schools rating, Wolf Canyon is a K-6 elementary school with excellent facilities and dedicated teachers. Located about half a mile from the entrance of Côta Vera, this school has never been more accessible! Known for excellence in Fine Arts, Science, and Technology (FAST), Wolf Canyon is striving to educate our youth with great opportunities.


Rancho Del Rey Middle School

With this school academically ranked an 8/10 on Great Schools, this school offers unique scheduling and inspired teaching staff that has created a productive and exciting educational environment for kids. About 5 miles from Côta Vera, this school typically offers transportation on buses. Please contact this school to find out when their bus program may begin at Côta Vera.


Olympian High School

Located half a mile from the entrance of Côta Vera Olympian High School is rated an 8/10 on the Great Schools rating with a 9/10 in college readiness and test scores. With many opportunities to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, your children will have great opportunities to grow their education.

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