Level Up Your Home Fitness Routine

Summer is here and that means working on your beach body is more top of mind than ever. Even if you’re not much of a gym lover, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy right in the comfort of home. Swap out overcrowded and overpriced hot yoga classes for your own private sanctuary of Zen. Say goodbye to pumping yourself up for a 5am pre-work lifting session and hello to getting your pump on just steps from your bed. With all the great at home gym options available at your fingertips, you’ll never have to sweat fitness again—well, at least not figuratively.

Extra rooms make great workout rooms.

Have a spare bedroom collecting dust? You’re only a few dumbbell sets and a cardio machine away from an ultra-exclusive gym membership. There’s just so much you can do with this space. Install an extra-large wall mirror to properly check your form. Add a stationary bike or treadmill to really get your heart going. Incorporate free weights and online classes to achieve that full body burn. Whatever you need to become your best sipping margaritas on the beach self, you can make it work with great home gym design.

Backyard bodybuilding.

Exercising in some fresh air is a great way to boost your metabolism and your vitamin D intake. Backyards have so many possibilities when it comes to getting fit. Test your endurance by setting up multiple stations across the yard using free weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls. Alternate these exercises with body weight movements like jumping jacks, push-ups and burpees—trust us, you’ll be feeling the burn real quick. For all those muscle maniacs out there, you can even set up a heavy lifting area in your yard complete with a squat rack, barbells and a weight stand. Just be sure to have a source of cover to protect this type of equipment from rain. You may be strong, but you’re probably not carry-300-pounds-of-heavy-metal-inside-during-a-rainstorm strong.

Sometimes less is more.

A home gym doesn’t always have to take up an entire room. It can be as easy as a full-length mirror and a yoga mat in your bedroom. Or even a jump rope and some free weights in your garage. Pair simple workouts like this with a few jogs on the trails throughout Côta Vera and you’ve got a perfectly balanced fitness routine. The best way to stay consistent with your workouts is to make sure you’re doing something you enjoy. Whether it’s a high-intensity cardio session, heavy lifting or just staying active in the convenience of home, it’s all going to make summer treats that much sweeter.

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