5 Côta Vera Welcome Center Gems You Won’t Find Online

Buying a new home means searching through a lot of information: home prices, neighborhood locations, floorplans, nearby schools, the list goes on. And on. These days, most of this can be found online. But if you’re looking for all the ins and outs of our community (including future details that haven’t been released yet), nothing beats the in-person experience. It’s kind of like getting advice from a local while you’re on vacation. So we’d like to invite you to visit us at the Côta Vera Welcome Center. Everything here is designed to give you an up close and personal look into what life at Côta Vera will be like, in a way that the internet just can’t match. Keep reading for five reasons to swing by.

ONE: Home Tours (Kid-Approved)

Our VR system, developed by Multitasker right here in Chula Vista, gives you the chance to stroll around our future Central Park, a social hub for all our neighborhoods. No more guessing what it will feel like when you’re checking out the art walk on the way home or watching the kids play hide and seek on the playground. Here, you can see it firsthand.

The same VR technology lets you tour all of our home models in one stop. Of course, sometimes there’s no substitute for the real deal, so our three Welcome Center ambassadors can help you schedule an appointment or a self-guided tour. The VR is a great way to save time and narrow down which models to check out in person. Plus, if you’re having trouble picking which neighborhood is best for you, our ambassadors can use the Welcome Center’s community map to give you the lay of the land and guide you to a future home you’ll love.

TWO:  Your Foodie Hookup

Our Community Ambassador, Angelica, loves to eat. Pick her brain for her go-to restaurants in the area! And if you or your kids are interested in intramural sports in the area, Angelica is your gal. She’s been playing softball since grade school, and she coaches The Eastlake Panthers K-1st flag football team (Go Panthers!)

Insider Tip: Ask Angelica about her encyclopedic knowledge of mexican food!

THREE: Your South County Expert

Before joining our Welcome Center team, Lorena worked as a Shea Homes sales agent, so she’s extremely familiar with the entire south county area, from Chula vista to Imperial Beach, and can tell you about the growth she’s watched over the years. And if you’re more comfortable conversing in Spanish, Lorena has you covered.

Insider Tip: Ask Lorena about the San Diego women’s Jeep club!

FOUR:  Your Planned Community Veteran

Born and raised in Chula Vista, Tim became active in his community by starting a local publication, My Hometown Chula Vista Magazine! Now Director of Marketing at HomeFed (the developer behind Côta Vera), Tim is also a talented artist – he’ll be designing a mural for Côta Vera’s Welcome Center. He purchased a new home in HomeFed’s first Master Planned community over 20 years ago, and can help you through the very natural worries you may have about moving into a new home community that’s not fully complete yet.

Insider Tip: Ask Tim about the Cross Border Xpress for your next trip to Mexico or abroad – he loves to travel!

FIVE:  The Party-Planning Committee

Our friends at the Welcome Center love bringing people together, so we put them in charge of WayWell – our lifestyle program that hosts year-round opportunities for neighbors to make connections to the greater community and each other. From community events, to weekend outings, to neighborhood interest groups, this unique lifestyle program sets out to be a well-rounded approach to wellbeing. We know moving into a new area can be a stressful time, but you’ll feel way more at home once you know who you can nerd out with about IPAs, or who’s in for a game of pickleball or a weekend hike. Angelica, Lorena, and Tim can share which events are on the horizon. Not to mention, they’re all ears for members of our community to suggest event ideas of their own, or which of our events they’d like to see again.

Maybe you’ve just stumbled onto Côta Vera online. Maybe you’re in the final stages of buying your next home. Maybe you already live here and have an event idea to share with us. No matter where you are in the process, our Welcome Center is a great place to look ahead at what your time in our community could hold. Come visit us soon, and be sure to bring your dog and kiddos along – we have treats!

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