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The Nature Lover’s Guide to Otay Ranch

Weekend hikes with the family. Evening strolls with your fur friends. Fresh air opportunities at every turn. Otay Ranch is a haven for anyone who loves to get outside and roam. Miles of beautifully manicured paths connects all of the surrounding villages—making a neighborhood walk or bike ride euphoric.. If you’re looking to get some exercise a little off the beaten path, there are tons of trails at your fingertips. Below are the three closest to Côta Vera:

Lower Otay Reservoir Trail
This kid-friendly walking, running and biking trail offers 1.5 miles of easy breezy enjoyment. The Lower Otay Reservoir Trail loop takes about 50 minutes to complete and isn’t overloaded with crowds. Open all year round, this is a slice of peace, quiet and beauty that you’ll find yourself coming back to time after time.

Lower Otay Reservoir Trail

Centennial Trail
Bikers, meet your new route. Centennial Trail is the perfect spot for mountain bikers. This wide, dirt path stretches for 3 miles and loops around a park, school and neighborhood. It’s especially ideal for beginners and young riders. Take in the views along the eastern side of the trail or take a break on one of the many benches and rest spots throughout the route. Bikes, e-bikes and good old-fashioned walking/jogging are all welcomed activities.

Centennial Hiking Trail

Upper Otay Reservoir Trailhead
When your dog won’t stop running laps around your living room, you know an adventure is well overdue. Pack up your pooch and head over to Upper Otay Reservoir Trailhead for an afternoon of hiking fun. This 2-mile loop is considered to be moderately challenging and open to walkers, runners, bikers, and fishers. Some areas even let your dog feel the sweet freedom of wind in their fur as they explore the landscape off-leash.

Upper Otay Reservoir Trail

Is all of this sounding like the ideal life/play balance? Côta Vera was built on a wellness centered lifestyle that simply can’t be beat. If you’re ready to join a community dedicated to connecting residents with the outdoors, click here to see how Côta Vera changes the game. And to stay apprised of future wellness events coming to the community, make sure you sign up on our interest list, here.

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