Broadys House of Flavors ice cream shop

Growing Community through Business: Broady’s House of Flavors

Part of living the Côta Vera dream is being a part of a community that can help you achieve your most ambitious goals. In this blog series, we will show you how that dream is taking shape at HomeFed’s first Otay Ranch community in Chula Vista, The Village of Escaya.

Introducing Broady’s House of Flavors.

Rich Broady and his wife are the proud owners of the delicious ice cream and water ice shop, Broady’s House of Flavors. Originally from Philly, Broady has been living in San Diego for about seven years and has been soaking up the sun ever since. About five years after their move, the Broadys migrated down to The Village of Escaya—Cota Vera’s sister community, impressed by both the homes and the potential for their sweetest dreams to come to life. Once they settled into their Shea Sierra home by Shea Homes, Broady said goodbye to his former career in IT to make room for a new path that would allow him to spend more time with family: opening his own water ice and ice cream shop in Chula Vista.

Ice cream flavors

Bringing East Coast Tradition to Chula Vista.

Philly’s water ice shops are like taco shops in San Diego—a daily necessity.  Similar to Italian Ice, but with a consistency somewhere in-between a slushy and sorbet, these frozen treats pack a lot of flavors into every bite. After speaking to a water ice producer back home, Broady decided to take his entrepreneurial dreams a step further. After crunching the numbers and training the supplier to produce and package the Broady products, this ice cream guru is now ready to serve up the most inventive flavors your taste buds have ever experienced.

New store opening

Doing Business in The Village of Escaya.  

If you’re worried that opening your own business is nothing but a big helping of rocky road, you’ll be delighted to hear that the process is smoother than you might think. Once the business proposal was submitted and numbers checked out, Broady got swift approval from The Village of Escaya to move forward. Some challenges to prepare for include shipment delays, city approvals and possible budget adjustments. Broady’s advice to future business owners is that the idea is only 10%, the rest is knowing business. If you can set a goal and execute, then you’re most of the way there.

He also offered a tip for aspiring business owners in the area: challenges to prepare for include delays in city approval—as well as shipping if your business includes ecommerce, and needing to make adjustments to your original budget.

Storefront Opening Soon in Chula Vista

Broady’s House of Flavors’ is storefront is set to open in the Escaya Village Center—not too far from HomeFed’s newest residential community, Cota Vera. Can’t wait? The frozen treats are available now for home delivery by placing an online order through their website.  Not sure where to start on the flavor spectrum? Try Broady’s favorite, Exhausted Parent – a bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream sired with bittersweet chocolate chunks.

If this story got your entrepreneurial wheels turning, reach out to Stewart Keith to learn how you can help shape the face of Côta Vera and Escaya’s community.

Stewart Keith

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