Working From Home in Style

Having a dedicated space at home for working and creating is essential with more and more people opting to work remotely and learn online. That’s why each home at Côta Vera was built with productivity in mind. Whether it’s the perfect homework nook, a cozy bedroom workspace or a full-scale home office, there’s something for everyone in these homes.

From C-suite to Owner’s Suite

Sometimes creating a workspace in your primary bedroom away from all the activity of the house is the best way to guarantee some undisturbed focus. Bluestone, Lucca, Savona and Whitmore all feature large owner’s suites that can easily house a stylish and dedicated desk area. Lucca even has an option for a built-in desk in the owner’s suite. If you don’t like the idea of your bedroom being visible to your coworkers, a chic wooden divider behind your desk can give you that work/life separation you need.

Maximizing Wall Space

If you like the idea of making your desk a design element in your home, the great room is an awesome place to start. The more wall space you have, the more functional you can make your workstation without leaving a massive footprint. A sleek desk with built-in storage coupled with floating shelves will create the perfect homework nook or open and airy work zone close to the kitchen and front door for deliveries.

What Home Office Dreams are Made of

The ultimate space of professional expression is of course, a dedicated home office. With many floorplans offering extra bedrooms, the opportunity to have an office in your Côta Vera home is abundant. When you’re trying to decide which room is right for your office, you should consider where you want to be in the house, what kind of lighting it offers and how soundproof it may be. Maybe you want to be close to the kitchen, great room and other central areas so you can keep an eye on the kids. Perhaps an office right off the front door creates a better workflow for you and allows some separation. When it comes to creating a productive and inspiring workspace, windows that allow for plenty of natural light are the key to success.  

Humble but Effective

Just because you don’t have a large home doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome workspace. Even the apartments at The Residences at Côta Vera offer ample opportunity to set up a stylish spot to get things done. Adding a small desk to an open wall or nook in the kitchen is ideal for helping kids with homework. If you need more privacy for zoom meetings and total concentration, a simple bedroom desk can add style and function.

Whether it’s working from home, back to school or creating your best homelife, the possibilities are wide open at Ccta Vera. Follow us on social media and join the interest list to see the full potential of a life at Côta Vera.   

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